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The call for applications for Transnational Access (TNA) is now open

Updated: May 20, 2022

StoRIES project has launched its first Transnational (TNA) call for research and innovation projects for the year 2022.

The call topic, "Application oriented hybrid and sustainable energy storage solutions", foresees three different sources of innovation: material research, development and testing of a component, device or device cluster and the integration of the innovation in the energy system.

All researchers from academia and industry are invited to submit their proposals via the StoRIES website by 31 July 2022.

Selected applicants will get:

  • Free access to 64 world-leading Research Infrastructures across Europe and beyond;

  • Access to research Infrastructures for 5 complementary energy storage technologies (electrochemical, chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrical storage);

  • Travel and accommodation costs covered by StoRIES;

  • Innovation potential through hybridisation of storage technologies.

StoRIES is a European project funded under the EU Horizon2020 funding programme Green Deal call focused on fostering a European ecosystem of industry and research organisations on energy storage technologies aimed at developing novel concepts and technologies. will support research and innovation projects dealing with energy storage hybridization.

Project Coordinator

Professor Stefano Passerini

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Press contact

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