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FAIR meta-data Management

The StoRIES project is committed to creating an initial set of metadata for the energy storage community and possibly an initial vocabulary to facilitate data exchange (WP1-T1.4). The ViMi Labs software platform, among its many features, can facilitate StoRIES partners to create structured, FAIR data catalogues, analyse the datasets and create a metadata framework and, in the long run, propose and employ an ontology for the energy storage community.

The utilization of ViMi ensures access for academic and scientific users (if required) in addition to exclusive access for all StoRIES members including required modules and functionalities specific to this consortium and its diverse field of applications.


For this reason, we suggest partners to upload one or more datasets to the ViMi platform in which headings are very important. Follow the instructions below to help achieve the project objectives with regards to FAIR data management:


  1. Register ( under public lab “StoRIES”, using your organization email: The registration to this lab is only open to project partners.

  2. Create your profile

  3. Invite your team (if not included in the StoRIES email list) if needed

  4. Save and share sample (non-sensitive) data with the StoRIES virtual lab


Note 1: at a minimum sample data of headings in *.csv file formats are needed. No need to upload large datasets if each single dataset with clear headings are uploaded.


Note 2: this data sets needs to be shared with the lab (see screen shot) and is viewable by all users within StoRIES lab, therefore do not upload sensitive or private datasets.


  1. When uploading, assign the data set to the best field/topic that matches the dataset.

  2. You can also share imaging data if applicable.


For any issue, please email to:


An “on-boarding” session will be organized to clarify these steps.



  1. StoRIES – The main technological objectives of StoRIES are linked to the energy storage development by providing access to world-class research infrastructures and services, with a focus on improving materials for devices and optimizing hybrid energy systems with a view to make energy technologies more competitive and reducing costs. [from StoRIES website].


  1. ViMi platform has now a dedicated customization for the energy storage community to manage data, accelerate the data collection, perform automated ingestion, smart curation and translates cleaned databases to knowledge within the consortium.


  1. ViMi Labs provides a class leading database management infrastructure to streamline data-to-knowledge translation. The access to this platform enables members to:

a. Manage dataset ingestion and data in secured infrastructure

b. Collaborate and fully control access of your collaborating labs

c. Recall data, analyze with models and share with partners effectively and seamlessly

d. An initial infrastructure is built on European standardized platform for energy materials – EMMO with domain specific in energy materials.

e. Further ontology frameworks are built over time at the integrated level of materials for device and systems, likely in partnership with project RISEnergy.


See previous webinar for details.

  1. Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process: Current modules in ViMi orchestrate processes from data extraction to transformation and loadings using pre-trained AI/data models

a. Instruction: Field specific data ingestion

b. First steps require sharing sample headings (not data) to the platform for creating automated data ingestions.

c. Mapping ontologies to the data and make the module ready to accept and create structured datasets


  1. Data privacy and policy

a. Model: any data, any model, any server at the discretion of data owners

b. Core data, monitoring usage, sharing stays within StoRIES virtual lab and data owners

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