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Can non-EU users participate in the StoRIES TNA? 

Yes, non-EU users can be members of a user group as long as the majority of the users work in an institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State. In the case where a user group is constituted by a majority of users not working in an EU or associated country, access to any infrastructure/facility/installation will be limited to 20 % of the total amount of units of access offered for that infrastructure/facility/installation under the StoRIES project.

The typical duration of a TA user project may vary from about one week up to one month. Longer stays up to two or three months are in principle possible but in such a case the targeted hosting infrastructure should be contacted in advance in order to check lab availability and potential budget restrictions.

Can I apply for a lab located in my country? 

Yes, they can, but only as members of a user group where the leader and the majority of users work in a country other than the country where said infrastructures/installations are located.

Will I have to publicise the results of my project? 

Yes, you must be able to report publicly on the project carried out. Some exceptions are possible in the case of industry and SMEs, but the request for exception must be noted in the application and clarified before the start of the TNA.

When will I be informed if my proposal was approved?

The entire evaluation process is expected to be completed in about two months after the submission deadline.

I still have some questions. Whom can I contact?

For any questions you can contact us via the following link:

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