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StoRIES – Working Group 4 on Technical and non-Technical Barriers kicked off on 22 June 2022

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The StoRIES Working Group 4 kick-off meeting took place with an online event on 22 June 2022 to launch the beginning of the activity and collaboration.

After illustrating the contribution that the working group can make with respect to the acceleration of the energy transition and which gaps need to be filled in this sense, the experts were involved in an interesting and fruitful roundtable discussion. The discussion brought out some key takeaways. First, a necessity to elaborate on the future energy system needs. Secondly, the need for a mapping of existing technologies and applications, considering where hybrid storage could potentially provide better or new solutions. Finally, the heating, cooling and industry sectors also have a huge potential for hybrid storage solutions.

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WG4 Contact List

Susan Taylor

EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy


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