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Future generation energy storage scientists are participating in the StoRIES PhD Network

Under the education and training activities of the StoRIES project, a network of young scientists pursuing their doctoral studies is being developed in order to secure the future of energy storage research and the availability of competent scientists in the field. In this framework, the network is welcoming its new participants and provides numerous opportunities for maintaining their career development within the energy storage eco-system.

Who should participate in the StoRIES PhD network?

PhD students planning or conducting their dissertation project in the energy storage field addressing potential solutions associated with energy storage-related techno-economic, environmental and societal problems.

Relevant energy storage technologies:

  • Electrochemical energy storage,

  • Chemical energy storage,

  • Thermal energy storage,

  • Mechanical energy storage,

  • Electrical energy storage.

Furthermore, a combination of the given technologies below for creating hybrid energy storage concepts consisting of high-energy and high-power technologies is of high interest.

  • Battery energy storage (BES),

  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES),

  • Supercapacitors,

  • Power-to-X technologies.

Why should you participate in the StoRIES PhD network?

The created network within the StoRIES eco-system provides network members with the occasion to keep the track of the technological developments actively in the field. The primary aim is shaping members’ doctoral careers according to the identified future research demand in an environment where members can disseminate their dissertation projects with constructive feedback given by leading senior scientists and other fellow young scientists in the PhD network. In addition, members would have the following opportunities:

  • transnational infrastructure access and exchange programme with financial support,

  • priority in participating in the StoRIES mentoring program,

  • priority in participating in thematic summer schools addressing the most up-to-date challenges of the energy storage sector,

  • dissemination and constructive development of the dissertation projects.

How to join the StoRIES PhD network?

In order to join the network, the potential candidates are requested to send a motivation letter in which the applicant describes the PhD topic and the potential contribution of the dissertation project to the existing and potential challenges of the energy storage sector. Moreover, applicants are highly encouraged to express their interest in other storage technologies and/or dimensions.

For further information please contact Hüseyin Ersoy (Chair of StoRIES PhD Network).

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