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Call for experts to join StoRIES Working Groups

The four StoRIES Working Groups are open to experts from any organisation in the field of EU energy industry that are interested to collaborate and contribute to their activities.

Submit your application via the StoRIES website and become a member of the StoRIES ecosystem.

The four Working Groups aim to ensure the involvement and contribution of all the stakeholders of the Energy Storage technologies, providing vision, inputs, guidance, and continuous feedback for the development of different StoRIES documents, publications, and activities. More precisely:

WG1 will provide input and recommendations to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the Roadmap for hybridisation of Energy Storage;

WG2 will undertake several activities relevant to the identification, ranking and launch of the transnational and virtual access call topics;

WG3 will oversee the Transnational Access activities based on the submitted and approved user proposals and undertake actions for the reporting on the overall analysis of the Transnational activities;

WG4 will assess and analyse all the barriers (techno-economic, policies, market & regulation, standardization, social acceptance) that can affect the widespread application of hybrid Energy Storage technologies.

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