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Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC)


Thermal energy storage


United Kingdom


Chemical energy storage
Thermal energy storage


University of Birmingham

Contact person 1:

Ms Jie Chen

Contact person 2:

Dr Helena Navarro



TRL Level:

1-3, 4-6

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Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC)

The University of Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage (BCES) & Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC) are cross-campus initiatives with thermal energy storage research hub at School of Chemical Engineering. Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC) at Tyseley Energy Park (TEP) – Our off-campus pilot and demonstration facilities in the University of Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre, which 3.5 miles from the University of Birmingham Edgbaston Campus (to be operational from June 2021)

Our unique services and facilities include the following:

  • Thermochemical energy storage demonstrator (10kW/100kWh);

  • Integrated gas compression heat recovery and storage system for managing peak compressed air supply, power supply and compression heat recovery and storage (100kW/500kWh);

  • Thermochemical based air-conditioning demonstrator (5kW/50kWh);

  • Composite phase change material-based battery thermal management system for electrical vehicles;

  • Efficient & cost-effective telecommunication base station and data centre cooling systems using composite phase change material and thermochemical energy storage;

  • Cryogenic energy storage based combined cooling, heating and power demonstrator;

  • Mobile heat storage demonstrator (10GJ);

  • Mobile composite phase change material based cold chain transportation demonstrator (standard 40ft container sized, charging time <2hours, discharge time > 180 hours);

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