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VTT Infrastructure for Batteries


Electrochemical energy storage




Electrochemical energy storage



Contact Person 1:

Ari Hentunen

Contact Person 2:

Maria Smolander


By appointment

TRL Level:

1-3, 4-6, above 6

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VTT Infrastructure for Batteries

Teknologian tutkimuskeskus (VTT) Infrastructure for Batteries includes 1) PrintoCent Pilot Factory for flexible batteries and 2) battery laboratory combined with hydrogen and fuel cell laboratory.

State of the art: Printocent pilot factory provides a unique roll-to-roll (R2R) pilot manufacturing environment for fabrication of electrodes for flexible battery development. Battlab provides equipment for comprehensive experimental work on battery cells, modules and packs, as well as battery management systems and thermal management. The high-power battery emulator can be utilized to test electric vehicle prototypes on the dynamometer without a real battery installed in the vehicle. Furthermore, also fuel-cell research facilities are included in the same entity, enabling flexible integration, testing and management of hybrid systems containing a battery pack and a fuel-cell system.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: Battlab provides performance characterization and validation of battery cells, modules, and packs, battery pack system integration, BMS algorithm development, SOH diagnostics, and battery pack performance validation at different temperatures and load profiles. Printocent provides for flexible battery development a unique roll-to-roll (R2R) pilot manufacturing environment for fabrication of electrodes.

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