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Thermal energy storage




Thermal energy storage


Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)


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1-3, 4-6, above

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The ThermStore research laboratories at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology offer characterisation methods of thermal energy or heat storage technologies from material to system scale.

On material scale, e.g. for characterization of the storage material, insulation or heat exchanger, following research services can be offered:

Thermophysical properties (-180 °C to 1600 °C):

  • Thermal conductivity λ(T), Specific heat capacity cp(T), Thermal expansion ΔL(T)/L0, Thermal diffusivity a(T), Density ρ(T), Linear coefficient of thermal expansion CTE α(T)

Thermal analysis (-180 °C to 1600 °C):

  • Characteristic temperatures, Enthalpy determination, Mass change and evolved gas analysis

Viscosity and density of liquids (-60 °C to 135 °C)

On component and system scale, Thermal Storages can be characterized up to 100 kW charging and discharging power and up to 350 °C. Energy capacity as well as charging and discharging power profile can be measured. As heat transfer fluid thermal oil and (pressurized) hot water can be used. Long-term storage material and heat exchanger tests can be performed using a dedicated hot plate test set-up.

Simulation infrastructure is available (Dymola, Matlab, CFD, FEM) to analyse the storages in detail. In addition, system integration of storage into e.g. industrial site or district heating grid can be analysed.

Characterization of thermal storages (power, energy capacity, energy losses)

Characterization of heat exchangers (power, fluid flow)

Storage and component simulation

System simulation including different types of storage in different applications (buildings, industry, district heating grids etc.)

Training and Education

Standardization, Round-Robin-Tests

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