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Laboratory of Magnet Engineering and Applied Superconductivity (LIMSA)


Superconducting magnetic energy storage




Superconducting Magnetic


University of Bologna

Contact Person 1:

Antonio Morandi

Contact Person 2:

Pier Luigi Ribani



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Laboratory of Magnet Engineering and Applied Superconductivity (LIMSA)

LIMSA is equipped with the facilities for the characterization and quench analysis of superconductor wires, tapes, and small coils, both at liquid nitrogen at 77K and with cryogen free cooling down to 10 K. Further apparatus is dedicated measurement of the levitation performance of and bulk superconductors or tapes interacting with permanents magnets. The laboratory is also equipped with high-performance computational facilities for research and for industry consultancy.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure:

  • Methodology for the assessment of SMES systems in stand-alone applications and in hybrid energy storage systems

  • Design of SMES coils (electromagnetic, mechanic, thermal, quench, protection)

  • Design of power electronic for SMES management, grid interface and protection

  • Self-field characterization of commercial superconductor tapes

  • Measurement of levitation force between bulk superconductors and permanent magnets

  • Development of advanced modelling methods and tools for AC loss and quench computation

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