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Hybrid chemical and electrochemical energy storage




Electrochemical energy storage
Chemical energy storage




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HYCEES infrastructure consists of two complementary installations: EGA stands for Station for Autonomous Generation and includes two groups of photovoltaic panels of 1.5 kWp and an emulator of wind turbine with a maximum power of 6 kW. Those generators provide a total power of 9kW that generate the energy necessary to power the integrated system. Belonging to the same installation there is available also an electrolysis plant, with a hydrogen storage system and several H2 fuel cells. Dynamic load and batteries complete the energy generation and consumption cycle. The P2X facility allows the hybrid, chemical (H2 & hydrocarbon fuels) and electrochemical (Pb batteries), storage of solar PV energy and consists of three photovoltaic panels with a total power of 0.9 kW which operate a PEM electrolyser to produce up to 1 Nl/min of H2 which reacts with CO2 in a dedicated unit to produce synthetic hydrocarbon fuels. The surplus of renewable electricity, not being consumed by water electrolysis, is stored in batteries (12 V) and can be afterward released to power the electrolyser during periods of low solar irradiation.

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