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StoRIES – FLORES - EERA JP ES Workshop “Applications for Hybrid Energy Storage”
StoRIES – FLORES - EERA JP ES Workshop “Applications for Hybrid Energy Storage”

Thu, 23 Mar


Karlsruhe, Germany

StoRIES – FLORES - EERA JP ES Workshop “Applications for Hybrid Energy Storage”

This workshop focuses on applications for hybrid storage systems across the different sectors of energy storage systems.

Time & Location

23 Mar 2023, 09:00 – 21:00 CET

Karlsruhe, Germany

About the event

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is organising the StoRIES – FLORES - EERA JP ES workshop on “Application for Hybrid Energy Storage” on 23 March 2023 in Karlsruhe.

During this workshop, partners from the StoRIES project (EU-funded research infrastructure project on hybrid energy storage systems), the FLORES network (network of around 15 EU-funded projects working on flow battery technology) and the Joint Programme Energy Storage of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA JP ES) will discuss current and future applications for hybrid energy storage with experts from the European Commission, industry, and research.

The workshop is part of the 3-days event Energy Conversion and Storage Daysorganised by KIT, which will take place in Karlsruhe from 21 to 23 March 2023 and will be a back-to-back event with the SUPEERA workshop “Bringing research and industry closer: ES and PV and meetings of the EERA Joint Programmes “Energy Storage” and “Photovoltaic Solar Power(EERA JP PV members only).The VIPERLAB roadmapping workshop for perovskite PV technology development and harmonization in Europe as well as two workshops of the StoRIES project – “Succeeding with Scale-up of Energy Materials” and “Energy System Benchmarking for Hybrid Storage: Performance Indicators and Application Areas  – round off the top-class programme of this event.

Description of the workshop (Agenda)

Hybridisation of storage solutions can have many aspects. In the other workshops of the Energy Conversion and Storage Days there is a large focus on materials and systems. This workshop will focus on applications for hybrid storage systems in all areas of energy storage. The aim is to define current and future applications for hybrid energy storage and to provide input for the roadmap created in the StoRIES project, as well as to validate and align it with the energy storage community.

In the 1st morning session, top-class speakers from the European Commission, industry and research are setting out the European Agenda on hybrid energy storage and present their view on these technologies and their future demand. In the 2nd morning session, companies of different storage technologies and integrators will provide industry view on potential applications and future markets.

After lunch, the participants will take an excursion to Stage 76, an innovative student residence, where KIT has realised a hybrid storage system consisting of a lithium-ion battery together with a redox flow battery from 1st Flow within the BiFlow project. The flow battery also has a new composition of vanadium electrolyte that can be used as heat storage, formulated by Fraunhofer ICT.

The second visit is to the large-scale demonstrator on the HYFLOW project at Fraunhofer ICT. The demonstrator of a virtual inertia with a 2MW wind turbine connected to a 1MW supercap and a 300kW/1.5MWh redox flow battery coupled via a DC link was developed by KIT, the company Freqcon and Fraunhofer ICT.

In the last session of the day, participants will discuss different topics related to hybrid energy systems in four groups. During registration, participants were asked to select their preferred main application from six possible topics

From the six potential topics, the four most selected (see below) were chosen for group work during the workshop. The different applications will be discussed in terms of their potential for current and future markets. 

Work Groups:

  1. Grid applications for long-duration energy storage (> 8 hours)
  2. Grid applications for short-term storage and ancillary services
  3. Smart solutions for Mobility including charging infrastructure
  4. Off-grid / energy islands for supply of electricity to remote areas

A get-together with snacks, music and networking opportunities will round off the workshop.

Confirmed speakers, 1st morning session

  • Stefano Passerini (KIT/University of Rome), StoRIES project coordinator
  • Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac (EnBW), Project Leader R&D
  • Johan Blondelle (EC), Policy Officer DG Research&Innovation
  • Antonio Marco Pantaleo (EIC), Programme Manager and Green Tech
  • Francesco Matteucci (EISMEA), Program Manager in Advanced Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Roberto Scipioni (SINTEF Energy Research), Research Scientist, StoRIES T3.3 Leader

Panelists, 2nd morning session

  • Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac, EnBW (Energy provider, DE)
  • Joseph Epoupa Mengou, Eni (Energy provider, IT)
  • Sebastian Pohlmann, Skeleton (Supercapacitor producer, EE)
  • Thomas Lüth, Voith Group (Technology company (Pumped storage), DE)
  • Michael Pinzl, Enerox/CellCube (Redox Flow Battery producer, AT)

StoRIES’ Definition of Hybridization

Hybridisation for energy storage refers to the utilisation of two or more energy storage technologies together on either a system, device, or material level to provide technical and economic advantages beyond what any single energy storage technology can provide, also considering the sustainability and reliability over the lifetime of the hybridised solution. This definition of hybridisation, developed during the preparation of the StoRIES Roadmap and SRIA, will be presented, discussed, and validated at the workshop. You are invited to read it carefully and form an opinion on whether you agree with this definition. All opinions are welcome in the discussions during the workshop.

More information about the meeting mode, the location, “How to reach FTU at KIT Campus North” and the dinners can be found here.

Registration is closed.

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