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Particle Reactor for Thermo-Chemical energy Storage – PTCS reactor


Thermal/Thermochemical energy storage
Chemical energy storage
Release in particle downer reactors




Chemical energy storage
Thermal energy storage





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Particle Reactor for Thermo-Chemical energy Storage – PTCS reactor

Electrically heated 10 kWth reactor for particle-based thermochemical energy storage (TCS) concepts. Installation is supported by horizontal activities which include multi-scale simulation and materials/components physico-chemical characterization if/when needed. A drop-down tube reactor able to reach temperatures up to 900oC and perform solid-gas endothermic/exothermic reversible reactions in the framework of TCS schemes (feasibility assessment is on a case-by-case basis). Solids are in the form of particles spanning from powder to small granules (e.g. 10 μm – 1000 μm) and also depending on flowability characteristics of solids to be used. The setup, via embedded relevant sub-systems, is able to recover the heat during the exothermic step of such reversible chemical reactions and therefore assess operation and efficacy of TCS concepts, also including active materials & critical components evaluation aspects. As of November 2020, the installation is fully functional/operational.

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