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LCA and eco-design laboratory






Cross-cutting (Specifically: Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design of the above technologies)


University of Palermo

Contact person 1:

Maurizio Cellura

Contact person 2:

Sonia Longo



TRL Level:

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LCA and eco-design laboratory

The LCA and eco-design laboratory develop activities for supporting local authorities, research centres, SMEs and clusters of SMEs in the implementation of sustainable production and consumption strategies:

  • Life Cycle Assessment studies, for assessing the energy and environmental performances of products and services; application of the European Directive on the Energy related Products;

  • definition of eco-design criteria for productive processes, with particular attention to the energy transition processes, in order to improve the energy and environmental footprint of products and services and to address towards low-environmental impacts solutions. ecc.;

  • definition of industrial symbiosis mechanisms, in particular for SMEs;

  • definition of Green Public Procurement strategies for Public Administrations;

  • environmental product certifications;

  • decarbonization strategies for systems and processes;

  • circular economy strategies;

  • implementation of environmental and energy management systems.

Main scientific activities:

  • Life Cycle Assessment of different storage systems: sodium-nickel chloride batteries, graphene vanadium redox batteries, lithium ion batteries, iron-air batteries;

  • Life Cycle Assessment of electricity from wastes;

  • development of LCA dataset compliant with the ILCD standard and included in the European reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD);

  • development of innovative platforms for the calculation of embodied energy in buildings.

Main tools: Simapro Software for LCA; Gabi Software for LCA

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