Chemical energy storage




Chemical energy storage


Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón – FHa

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Laura Abadía

Contact person 2:

Pedro Casero


- PEM electrolyser is unavailable during 2022 (ELY4OFF)
- R&D hydrogen injection platform in the NG grid is unavailable during 2022 (HIGGS)

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FHa performs at its facilities R&D&i activities across the entire hydrogen value chain. The facility is an ideal and unique installation in Europe to work with large hydrogen equipment - 1,200 m2 building with offices, laboratories and a workshop are offered as an experimental test bench on hydrogen technologies integrated in a microgrid with intermittent RES (635 kW wind and 160 kW PV, both on-grid and off-grid).

The three main low temperature electrolysis technologies are present in each of the test benches - alkaline, PEM and AEM from 10 to 250 kW and up to 60 bar. The hydrogen chain is completed with hydrogen storage – about 4Nm3 at 35 bar and 23 kg at 350 bar, final use of hydrogen fuel cell subsystems and a hydrogen refuelling station for fuel cell electric vehicles, buses, forklifts and other applications at 200 and 350 bar.R&D platform