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TNA Call No.: 5

Date of opening: 20.03.24

Date of closing: 31.05.2024

Call topic: Solutions for hybrid energy storage systems

The call topic is open to different sources of innovation: material research, development and testing of a component, device or device cluster, simulation of systems or system components, etc. and the integration of the innovation in the energy system. ​

​The topic addresses a multitude of different energy storage technologies and their combinations for enabling long duration (from several hours to months) energy storage and is explicitly open to all technology readiness levels (TRLs). ​

​Further assessment of the EU energy storage needs (regardless of short or long-duration) are also strongly invited and encouraged.

Applicants from academia, research institutions, SMEs and industry are invited to apply.

Applications from SMEs and industry, as well as applications for virtual access will be prioritised.


This call no longer accepts submissions.

  • Power to X applications based on chemical energy carriers (including hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic fuels, …).

  • Reactive metals etc. as a seasonal storage medium.

  • Solutions for thermal storage (such as thermochemical, sorbent materials, phase changing materials or recovery of industrial heat, …).

  • Thermal energy storage integration with other energy storage technologies (for example with advanced adiabatic CAES, electrochemical batteries, thermal batteries, …)

  • Thermal and other energy storage solutions for peak shaving.

  • System level hybridisation of thermal and electrical storage (waste heat utilisation through coupling of electrochemical storage with heat storage, high-temperature thermal storage combined with hybridised electrical storage and conversion systems).

  • Magnetic storage (SMES), flywheels and supercapacitors as support for low to medium power storage systems (pumped hydro, CAES, LAES, thermal, electrochemical and chemical storage) in hybrid configuration.​ 

  • ​Smart power management of hybrid storage systems (control strategies, power blending, service stacking, virtual coupling of distant storages, ...).

  • Improvement of underground storage systems (such as investigating possibilities to reduce leaking and contamination effects of underground storage caverns or alternatives to caverns).

  • Development and testing of multifunctional materials for energy storage.

  • Digital solutions – including data analytics and AI-enabled materials to system level modelling. Examples include evaluation of hybrid materials, value analysis of multi-level applications and system hybridisation models.

  • Simulation studies (at material, component and system level; socio/techno-economic analysis, AI methodologies, …), sharing of data coming from hybrid energy storage systems by means of FAIR principles, etc. ​(StoRIES offers access to Eni’s HPC5 Supercomputer)

  • Assessment (for instance simulation study) of the EU energy storage needs at different time scales (from frequency regulations to seasonal storage) ​(StoRIES offers access to Eni’s HPC5 Supercomputer) ​

  • Determination of present and future locations of the storage systems within the EU. Potential and optimal placement for specific energy conversion and storage systems (P2G) in order to use existing transport infrastructure and to produce chemical energy carriers (including hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic fuels, …) economically.​

  • Identification of economic feasibility and bottlenecks of specific hybrid solutions (raw materials, components, …). ​

  • Modularity and multipurpose use of components, starting from design of energy storage systems, reusability and recycling of raw materials and components (circularity principles). ​

  •  Benchmarking and creation of benchmark datasets to compare different storage solutions (across different technologies).

The examples below aim to better outline the scope of the call. Please find below a (non-exclusive) list of solutions/technologies this could potentially target:



StoRIES Transnational Access

  • enables research at 64 world-class European research infrastructures dealing with energy storage and linked topics (from battery materials to energy network design)

  • is open and free to all researchers from academia and industry

  • is supported by reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for users

  • calls for proposals will be published every 6 months from April 2022.


The pro-active innovation support team is available to advise potential users on the most suitable research infrastructures, assist in the submission of applications and answer any further questions about the TNA calls. Please contact them via our e-mail.


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