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Communication Materials

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Deliverables and Reports

Scientific Publications

Our scientists are constantly studying new technologies and publishing the results of their studies in respected academic and specific technical media.

Check out some of their latest articles and papers:

Title: Hybrid Energy Storage and Hydrogen Supply Based on Aluminum—a Multiservice Case for Electric Mobility and Energy Storage Services


Researchers: Hüseyin Ersoy, Manuel Baumann, Linda Barelli, Andrea Ottaviano, Lorenzo Trombetti, Marcel Weil, and Stefano Passerini.

Publication: Advanced Material Technologies - Germany

Date: 2022

Title: Assessing the social acceptance of key technologies for the German energy transition


Researchers: Dorothee Baur,  Philip Emmerich,  Manuel Johann Baumann and Marcel Weil 

Publication: BMC - Springer Nature - Germany

Date: 2022

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