Choose Best Web Design Company With Regard to Effective Marketing

There is no doubt how the Internet is a huge part of the daily lives and much more and more people as well as companies find that they need to be part of the World Wide Web so that information can be used 24/7 throughout the year. Web design firms play a critical part in offering people with any website which has a special way of interacting the team of professionals working at these design firms have skills which permit them to offer a wide range of services related to website creation. They have enjoyable adding in some cool graphics and visible effects to give websites professional- and exciting pages. For instance if you sell goods to customers, web design firms contain important consumer friendly functions such as automated order digesting systems as well as shopping carts, making sure these functions work completely. Once they have formulated all the pages of the website, the website is published to a web host so that it can be visited.

First Impressions Depend
You know also well which clients acquire a perception of your own company based on for those who have a website to begin with, and secondly how well the site has been prepared and put with each other. Web design experts initial assess your unique needs and find out the information you would like to make available in your clients. They write the actual programming signal and also publish the site on a server. Your website will then end up being registered with the search engines. The particular skilled web developers make use of the info provided to these by the company in order to create a basic outline for a website. Of course the reason for creating a web site is not really the realm of companies only, and individuals have websites made for a whole host of factors.

Increasing Sales with Hyperlinks
An important part of any website design is actually hypertext links. Because the Internet is dependent on HTML, whenever you click on a good underlined word or even linked visual, you are instantly whisked to a connected web site. These back links are necessary for those who visit your site and are serious enough to wish to find out- and also know more.

Your internet site needs to be Simple to Look At
A few companies design their own web sites but when they find that the actual website isn’t making them money, they hire the services of expert web design firms who design new websites as well as re-design existing ones in order to ensure the actual website works more difficult for your business. These types of professionals work on displaying info in a energetic way through the use of text, graphics, sound as well as video. They understand that some visitors to your website will be extremely educated while some may only be capable of understand basic language.

How to Hire for Professional Web Design

Web designing is a new prospect for many. It has not been many years since internet became a significant and enormous part of our lives. Web designing has also developed into a great profession in today’s times. If you are planning to get a new website made and wondering how to go about it, take the help of a Lehigh Valley Web Designer. Before choosing the right design company, you have to keep certain things in mind

Short listing

Begin by short listing the website designers you find on the net. There must be some which had caught your interest. Select them according to your budget and see whether you want a company or free lancer. This way you would be able to exclude all the companies you do not want and come up with a list of companies you might want to choose.

Analysis of portfolio

Be careful about analyzing their portfolios. A portfolio would show you their previous works and will provide you with a basic idea on how your website will look like if you get them to help you. Customer service has to be seen to. Will the agency that you are hiring help you out at any point when you are in need of them? Make sure they are ready to do so.


You need to talk and discuss with the designers to help them realize what you want.They would be representing your website and just like a wedding planner wants to know everything about the couple before she goes forward and make the arrangements, the designer needs to know everything about the business and your expectations.

See whether you are comfortable discussing issues with the company. If you cannot build up a comfort level it would be of hindrance later on while making the website. You have to convey everything that you want to be on the site. Communication is the most important factor.

Lehigh Valley Web Design is one of the most preferred when it comes to web designing. They are experts at their work and would help you take your business up to a very high level. They would treat your business as their own and would work zealously for its success. You would get professional website designs and dedication’s guaranteed. You would not want companies to be playing around with your website or business. The right agency would be sincere and serious in their approach!

What Should Be Your Company’S Logo Design to Help It Garner Best Success

Expecting a business to be successful without marketing it seems like crying in the wilderness. Since marketing is an effective way, breathes life into a business and helps it become known to your target people. However to make your marketing campaign a crowning achievement, there should be no helter-skelter but in fact, it requires the marketer to craft a perfect workable plan and maneuver well ahead of time of its launch so that it can work efficiently on promoting your business like a shot and infallibly. While you run a business online, then apart from promoting it on a traditional basis, promoting it through online campaigns does make sense too to give the brand a visible exposure amidst the target audiences. However, it is a must for a company to not have a good name but also good and unique website design content and transparency in the services and products.

Knack to drive substantial volume of target audiences

Your website should have a down-to-earth logo that doesn’t reflect your brand, but also disseminates your business message across the target audience properly. In case your logo is under construction or is not up to the mark, then first it is recommendable to ensure who your target audiences are and once you have resolved that, you can become aware of their typical lineaments. The next thing you want to become aware of being the cultural differences before crafting and targeting the logo. You should settle on colors and designs that spark the interest of your target visitors such that they tend to visit and explore your website without a second thought. Remember, a first-rate logo is the one, which is simple and informative. Complicated web designs that are hard to comprehend and non-informative do not meet the criteria of an ideal logo.

Instant Reminding Value

When it involves crafting a logo, relevancy is the facet you need to keep in mind inevitably. In other words, it is a must that your logo reflects the theme of your business evidently. With that said, any visitor when throwing a look at your logo, he/she should easily remember your business or brand without any uncertainty or second thoughts. Apart from that, it is also essential that your logo design is original and unique. A copied logo is never going to let you reap the rewards, but instead, it will diminish its value.


When it comes to designing a business logo, it should be done meticulously keeping in consideration its procedure over the long term. As it is a common observable fact, businesses, at times, change their products and services therefore a logo must be created accordingly to help your customers know your business easily but this should be done only from time to time. In other words, it is not a wise act to alter the logo design every time a business transformation comes to pass. The reason is, not every person has a sound memory; with said that suffice it to say, it typically takes a long time frame to retain the logo, name and design in their memories, since what may happen if you keep making changes into the logo design, they will likely forget your logo as well as brand. A logo which is unchanged for a long time reflects constancy and leads people to think that the business has been around for a long time and is dependable.

Down To Earth Considerations

So if you have finally made up your mind to create a unique, creative, catchy and affordable logo design without costing a fortune, you should get in touch with a reputable logo service provider and web development consulting services. If you follow the few down-to-earth considerations before designing a logo, your business will raise the ranks.

Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

If you’re thinking of getting a website designed, there are a few important points you may need to consider before you make a financial commitment. Here are ten questions you should ask your web designer at your first meeting.

10 Questions you need to ask your Web Design Company before you hire them

1. Will my website have any on-site search engine optimisation?
On site SEO is the practise of making your new website friendly to Google and other Search Engines. Theses search engines have standards of design and limits for the ideal use of content. These standards are continually changing, so a good web design company would know what these are and design & construct your website within these constraints.

2. Can you get to the top of Google within 1 month?
If they say yes, go elsewhere as they’re lying. Nobody can say they will get you to the top of Google within a month. It is possible to do, but it’s not possible to guarantee it, not within a set time frame anyway. Getting top ten top of Google requires a lot of good quality on-site and off-site SEO. You also have to do a lot of keyword and competitor analysis. A good time to assess the possible performance of your site within Google is about 1 month after it has launched – Then, and only then would there be enough traffic & keyword data available to analyse.

3. Will my website be mobile friendly?
Our use of the Internet has changed a lot recently, and about 35% of all searches are via a mobile or similar device. Having your site mobile friendly is a definite plus – however being ready to pay a bit extra for this. The web developer has to do a lot of extra work for this. It’s possible that your site doesn’t actually need mobile friendly versions, it depends what your target audience is. For instance if you’re just a brochure site for a shop or a dentist, it’s unlikely that a mobile site would really be of any benefit.

4. Will I be able to edit my website?
This is a definite yes – If you designer doesn’t offer you this option, be very suspicious. It’s likely that they will be looking to charge you every time you want to edit to your site. This is how all web designers used to work about 10+ years ago, but web design has evolved now. Early website was only editable by people who could write in HTML. Nowadays though they have evolved to have easy to use editors where the average user can just log in and edit most parts of their website, without any trouble. This is what’s known as a Content Management System (CMS), and is now standard for any website. If your designer doesn’t offer you one (or free access to it), then they are charlatans – avoid them!!

5. Will my website look the same on different web browsers?
One of the biggest for web designers / developers is getting cross-browser compatibility. This is whereby different web browsers (i/e chrome, Internet explorer / Firefox) don’t all interpret web coding (especially CSS) in exactly the same way. This causes web developers into having to test websites on all different types of browser and having to write fixes to make sure them everything displays correctly for all different browser types. Make sure your web designer test for all variations.

6. Are you a Web Design Company, a freelancer or a part-timer?

Web Design Company – You will more than likely get the best results from these, but are likely to pay a higher rate. A company has more overheads, a premises and employees, so it’s only fair that they charge more. Also, their workers are more than likely degree qualified in their profession. If you can afford it, this is usually the best option.

Freelancer – Likely working from home, so can afford being cheaper than companies. May not give you the confidence a professional company would, but there’s a lot of good freelancers, who have previously worked professionally. If you do your research correctly, you can get good work at a reasonable rate.

Part Timer – This may either be a novice / starter, or a web design professional, doing some extra work out of hours. If it’s a starter, the risks are fairly obvious; you don’t know what you’re getting. But you will more than likely get a great price. Everybody has to start somewhere. If it’s a web designer, doing some extra work from home, you will get quality work, but the downside is it’s hard pushed to get in contact with them at the drop of a hat, should you need them.

Whoever you choose will really depend on a mix of your budget and your expectations.

7. Is it worth getting a website or shall I just use Facebook?
There’s a lot to say for Facebook and other social media, but it’s best to just see them as tools for promoting your website /brand really. Anyone can open a Facebook page and pretend they’re a legitimate business. However if you get a well-built website that goes a long way to providing your business with a sense of trust and authority. Also don’t see social media as magic ways to get people to see your products / services. It’s like any other form of marketing, you either have to put the hard work into promotion, or pay somebody else to do it. There is no easy money makers ion the Internet (not anymore!).

8. Why do you cost a lot more than the build your own systems you can use?
Firstly, these type of systems are never as cheap as they first seem. You’ll find that the first offers (even free in some cases), soon get more expensive the more features you need, it’s just that they aren’t up front about them. So you then get to use these tools to create the site yourself. So if you think about it, you end paying to get your website designed, but doing the work yourself, which seems ridiculous really. Secondly, these schemes just use templates, with your logo and colour choices. These types of sites stand out a mile, and can look very amateurish and old-fashioned. They wouldn’t give you a professional appearance, and would put potential customers off.

9. Who actually owns my website?
Although the company has designed the site and put it on the Internet, and probably hosts it, it is you who have paid them for it, so you are the owner of the site, and will own all the material within it – Providing you’ve paid them!
If you’re thinking of getting a website designed, there are a few important points you may need to consider before you make a financial commitment. Here are ten questions you should ask your web designer at your first meeting.

10. What happens when my site goes live?
Different companies have different levels of service after the site completes. As mentioned, all good websites now have easy user editing, so training in this area will occur at some point by the agency. You may also want some SEO / website promotion work doing. This is usually an extra cost to the website itself, and is best discussed after the site has been live for a few weeks, so you can get a better idea how well your site has started to show in the Google ranks. Whatever the levels of service your company offer, just make sure you know what they are before the work commences, so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises further down the line

Web Design Vancouver – Maintenance and Long Term Goals

While designing a web page you have to consider so many options like if you want your webpage to support streaming videos or letting the surfer download any other videos that you might have. If you are planning to hold up a virtual online store for those videos and songs then you should contact your web designer and learn one or two things about web hosting. The web designer should make sure that the host is compatible with the ecommerce aspect of the internet for zero additional cost and without having to mess with the monthly imbursements. You should also observe and keep a track of the number of email accounts that have given to all your staff. In addition, note down the many FTP accounts that have been created. You should be able to manage the account of web hosting service the kind of control panel that has been used and the web static software that helps you find out the traffic you are receiving for your website. The languages used for designing the web and the entire database should be maintained and be known top you.

If a web hosting provider is really authentic and better than most of the others then the provider will support you with consistent server uptime. The internet connection he provides will also be really fast. Web hosting service provider use updated technology to provide faster connection for their users. There should be no limitations because of the physical layers. A physical layer means that the optical lines that he uses for communication. An OC3 optical carrier is a must for a web hosting service provider. Make sure that the provider uses such a technology or something much more advanced like T1 lines or T3 lines. Such precautions will guarantee that the web hosting service will provide the 99% server uptime that they usually boast about. A good web hosting service provider will ensure that he has such technology running his company and in fact more than half of their investments go to infrastructure like high-tech servers and failure proof high speed physical layers. This ensures that data cannot be lost anywhere in between and error is avoided to the maximum. The uptime guarantee they give to their customers is protected by the backup power generators and other state of the art software that protects their own systems.

The customer service is an important issue while considering the type of web hosting service you want to bank on. Every service provider usually has a profile if they are providing good technical support at any time of the day. There should be experienced engineers who can solve any technical difficulties that can arise. A common way of testing the response of a web hosting service provider is by sending them inquiry mails and see if they are responding to you immediately. If the response is coming after two days then it shows that the service provider does not give much importance to customer support. Web hosting is important for business that wants to stay online on the long term basis.

Web design tips-Helping you to stay inspired

It’s sometimes difficult to stay inspired when you’re churning out custom web designs on a daily or weekly basis. Strict deadlines and a heavy workload can leave some web developers feeling “creatively drained” or uninspired.

The challenge for every designer is to consistently come up with great designs that are fresh and also consistent with the client’s brand and goals. So here are a few basic web design tips to get those creative juices flowing when it’s needed most.

Step away from the computer:

This might seem like a pretty straightforward exercise but taking a twenty-minute breather away from the computer screen will help you stay refreshed. Often the best thing you can do once you’ve hit that creative wall is to simply take a short break from working on a web design. A short walk outside of your familiar office surroundings might give you a fresh perspective on any design challenge.

Back to basics

Often clients will provide you with an existing logo or brand to serve as the basis for the rest of your web design. Designing an inspiring website for an uninspiring corporate identity can be challenging. The best you can do is to look at the basics of the logo and existing brand. Start by looking at the basic shape and colours of the logo you’ve been given. Interesting colours and shapes can complement even the least inspiring logo.


Your client’s logo might be as bland as a manila folder but creating a quick colour pallet around a given brand or logo will quickly lead you in the right direction. Online colour libraries are great for thinking out-of-the-box in terms of colour. Kuler is a free web-hosted colour application that enables you to create and edit various colour themes and combinations. You can also find colour inspiration by adding an adjective to the word “colour” in your search bar, e.g. retro colour. You’ll often find interesting results coming up in Google images.

Reference sites:

The web is saturated with great web designs. One way of keeping in step with the latest web design trends is by visiting Web design or CSS galleries. CSS galleries often showcase the latest portfolios and trends. Another great online source of inspiration is The Behance Network. This social media platform showcases the work and portfolios of various talented artists, illustrators, designers and photographers.


An online bookmarking tool will come in handy when you’re browsing the web for inspiration. This way you can keep track of which sites you referenced for which projects or ideas. Delicious is large social bookmarking tool. You can also use the bookmarking tool in your Google browser.

Subscribe to a magazine:

Stay up to date with current industry trends and design innovations by subscribing to a design magazine. A monthly subscription forces you to read the latest design and industry news on a regular basis. The creative review offers great insights into the latest industry news and events.


Typeface is a preference and sometimes in web design things like legibility and the style of the website will determine the type that you use. You don’t have to limit your use of fonts to the selection of default fonts on your computer – rather take a look a how other web designers are using fonts in an interesting way. Take a look at some of the webfont sites and out there.

Coming up quality web designs on a regular basis requires some creative inspiration. The web is saturated with creative web portfolios and fresh design ideas. If however the Internet’s not doing the trick, you can always take a stroll outside and smell the flowers.

The Buying Cycle

Also known as the Sales Cycle, this is a 7 point process that people go through when making a purchase. We will look at each stage in more detail, but it is important that your online marketing strategy is designed to guide people through this process.

At the centre of almost all online marketing campaigns is an effective website design.

An effective website design is one which delivers a positive user experience. Firstly your website should be easy to access and use; a mobile responsive website design, short loading time and clear navigation are three key points that will make it easier to use. Secondly, your website should be original in both design and content; you should incorporate a variety of media that is produced to a high quality, informative and is relevant to what you offer.

Your website design should include a Content Management System (CMS) so it is easy for you to regularly add new content, so your site remains up to date and interesting for return visitors. It should also include Google Analytics or another analytics tool. This will provide you with unbiased data about your website visitors that you can use to inform changes to your pages that will both improve their experience and your results.

Back to the Buying Cycle


The first point is Awareness – people need to know that you can offer what they need. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves a range of optimising and advertising tasks that will help your website to get noticed on the internet. Networking either online, or at local groups is another effective way to build awareness.


It’s not enough to know you offer that product or service, you also have to create Interest, the second point in the cycle. You need to understand what is important to your target audience, so you know how to get them interested. It could be quick delivery times, convenience, quality standards, discount vouchers, exclusivity, health etc. You then need to ensure their priority becomes yours and include it in your website design and other marketing content.


Even when someone is interested, they may need more reassurance before they are ready to commit, so the next stage is Trial. You need to provide an opportunity for people to trial your goods or services. This could be a �Request a Brochure’ button on your website, a sample pack, a discount code for their first purchase, a test drive or a free quote. It gives them time to find out more about your business, its customer service and goods before they make a final decision.


If you’ve made the right impression, then the next step is Purchase. For some people this is a big tick in the box, job done; far from it. At this point you can make the difference between this being a one off sale, to being a strong business relationship.


You may provide your customers with all types of support for example; a guarantee, fitting instructions, a follow up call, a good customer service team or a voucher for the next purchase. Whilst these may provide a nice finishing touch when things have gone well, how you deal with any problems is of particular importance. For any goods or services, there is the potential for something to go wrong, but if you deliver good support, it can be sorted out without detrimental effect.


If your customers have enjoyed the benefits, good and services of doing business with you, it could reap rewards. From following you on social media and therefore helping to build awareness of your company to others, to repeat business, Loyalty should be rewarded. Make sure you communicate with your loyal customers and send them your best offers, exclusive deals, top tips etc as thanks for their support.


Loyalty often leads to customers making referrals to your company. They trust that you will deliver the same service to their contacts that you did for them, so they are happy to recommend you. This can be of great value to your business and returns us back to the start of the Buying Cycle.

For each product or service, the time spent at each point in the process will vary. When buying essential and urgent items, progress through the Buying Cycle will be rapid. As you move towards the luxury end of the market, it generally takes a lot more time for a potential customer to make a purchase.

Profitable Tips to Hire a Web Designer Firm

Irrespective of the size of the business, it is highly important to have a website to showcase the type of business. This will help to increase the customer flow as most of the people today prefer to have the service at their finger tips. So, finding a profitable web designer plays a major role for the success of business. Below are the lists of primary considerations you should know before the start of website service exploration.

Price: Each and every business is executed with the intention of making money. Huge investment without any good features in the website is a waste. So it is better to count each and every penny invested to bring the business on to the market. Some times a website which is designed with the investment of $2000 may look equivalent with the $200 website. An entrepreneur should be clear with the requirement because an optimal website includes best features, quality content and best service. Web Designer India offers the best service with this aspect because one can find the best possible quotes for any type of website development. Here are some ideas to determine the best design quotes.

1. Check whether the design quotes includes pricing for the entire project? Because there will be some hidden costs which the designing companies do not expose at the initial stages.

2. Do the charge recurring fee for website hosting?

3. Do the designers use pre-existing template or it is developed from the scratch? It is very hard to make future changes if the websites are built with the pre-existing template. There are many Web Design India firms which will offer the quality website development service with the well experienced developers.

4. Some of the designing companies will charge for the content displayed in the website but some of them will not charge. Some of the firms which will not charge for content give very less interest for the quality of the content. What you should know here is search engines love to show the websites on the tops pages if they have got well optimized quality content.

Get the quotes from minimum of 4-5 companies and compare them based on their service.

Portfolio: The design firm selected for the development service should have pre-experience in developing the websites for the type of business you are looking for. There are many professional website designer firms in the market with wide amount of exposure to the current trend. Have a look at the website of the designing firm and check the projects they have completed over a period of time. This will give a basic idea of their work exposure. Some of the questions to be asked for the designing firm are:

1. Do they have plan of action for the development work? If they have one, review it and check whether it meets your business requirement.

2. Do they perform research in the market based on your business type? The market changes every day and the website designed should be as per the current trend.

3. Do they allow you to review the finished websites which they have designed before? This will give an idea about the technical expertise.

Service: One cannot sit back and take as much time for the development of the website. You need to hit the market soon to get the maximum profit. Check how fast the web designer company can make your website to come live in the internet world. There is a huge competition for the services offered by the designing firms. Web designer India has got experts who can beat the time complexities. Some of the firms will also be ready to provide 24/7 maintenance service if the website experiences some crash. Check with them and get the maximum benefits what you can get.

Dynamic Websites

Websites are designed so the user ‘you’ has the ability to ‘add or change’ data, all text and media ‘yourself online’. These are known as Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow the user to:

Allow for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data

Control access to data, based on user roles (defining which information users or user groups can view, edit, publish, etc.)

Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data

Reduce repetitive duplicate input

Improve the ease of report writing

Improve communication between users

In a CMS, data can be defined as nearly anything: documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data, and so forth. CMS are frequently used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching, and publishing documentation. Serving as a central repository, the CMS increases the version level of new updates to an already existing file. Version control is one of the primary advantages of a CMS.

We provide a full content management system (CMS) via a user friendly password protected control panel powered by Drupal software

Some features available with Feature Rich Dynamic Websites gives the user the ability to ‘add or change’ and format all text, insert, remove, resize images as well as inserting flash animations ‘yourself online’ further more:

On-site and off-site linking functionality providing the ability to create links to other website’s as well as links to other pages within your own website.

Video (YouTube / Vimeo etc), Google Maps and affiliate code insertion.

The ability to upload any file type (for example, PDF, Word document, Excel file etc) and offer it for download by your website visitors.

A spell-checking facility.

Feature Rich Dynamic Websites Content Management System can be accessed from any internet connection allowing you to update your own website from any where in the world.

No training required, although we provide a user guide for reference.

No reoccurring fees or licenses, the system is yours included in the cost of the CMS website.

A complete file manager allowing you to insert, remove, resize images as well as inserting flash animations.

On-site and off-site linking functionality providing the ability to create links to other website’s as well as links to other pages within your own website.

Video (YouTube / Vimeo etc), Google Maps and affiliate code insertion.

The ability to upload any file type (for example, PDF, Word document, Excel file etc) and offer it for download by your website visitors.

A spell-checking facility.

Feature Rich Dynamic Websites Content Management System can be accessed from any internet connection allowing you to update your own website from any where in the world.

No training required, although we provide a user guide for reference.

No reoccurring fees or licenses, the system is yours included in the cost of the CMS website.

Get your free no obligation dynamic websites quote TODAY!

Three Qualities of a Professional Web Design for E-Commerce Websites

A purpose of an e-commerce website is to bring in new visitors and make their shopping experience pleasurable.

It is possible to make your website optimized for customers if you ask your professional web design service to stress on the following three principles:

Explain, explain, and explain

Imagine yourself shopping in an online store. What questions concern you the most? Was it security? Was it cost? Was it quality? Or was it a combination? Your potential clients may be dealing with the same concerns. Ask yourself, if these concerns apply to your website. If they do, answer them all.

Your customers may be disappointed it if they learn it during check out that it costs 20 pounds to ship a product that costs 100 pounds. Explain everything in advance. It is safer to over-explain than to leave concern fermenting in your customers’ mind.

You can display security certificates, if you possess them. You can mention shipping costs along with product prices. You can talk about brands honestly to alleviate visitors’ concerns on quality.

Explain and answer in clear language. Avoid jargon. Keep it simple. And the most important of them all – be honest. It does not cost you to keep it simple. In fact, you can stick to an affordable web design and still avoid jargon.

Keep your goals in mind

What is it that you are trying to achieve through your website? Do you run a newspaper (or a popular blog) and you want millions of visitors a month? Do you sell yachts and you are looking for not more than a dozen buyers a year? Know your priorities. It is the first step to ensure success.

Once your priorities have been defined, you can design your website in such a way that visitors know immediately upon arriving your website what they are supposed to do. Websites that obfuscate things are rarely popular. Remember, you have only seven seconds (average attention span on the Internet) to impress your visitors and convince them to purchase from you.

Know your audience

Alibaba and Amazon are two big names in online commerce. Yet, their web designs are different. The difference is there because these websites cater to two different set of audiences. Amazon is more consumer centric, while Alibaba is focused more on businesses.

Let’s try to understand this with logos. The logo is probably the most important symbol of your brand. It is concise, it tells you about your business and your products, and it sends your messages straight to consumers. It is important to design your logo carefully. The same holds for websites.

If your audience is primarily old, you may have to opt for larger fonts and more images. If your audience is primarily young, you can assume a basic knowledge of computers and you have more space to experiment. Knowing the age, interests, location, and culture of your audience can be helpful in the choosing the right website design package for your website.

Designing an e-commerce website is simple if you take into account three principles – answer questions, know your audience, and keep your goals in mind.